2008 Western Adventure


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Day 21 - July 10, 2008

Today started out a little sad. because I had to bid Jay & Barbara a fond farewell.  I was getting way too comfortable in that king sized bed, but I just had to hit the road.  I'm not even half way yet, and I've already been on the road for three weeks. 

It was a gorgeous day and the scenery north of Ogden was absolutely stunning. Before I knew it, I was in Wyoming, and then Idaho for a very short time, and then back into Wyoming.  I slowed way down when going through Afton, Wyoming.  What an unusual little town.  The welcome sign is an arch made of Elk Antlers.  I sure hope they didn't have to kill that many to get all of those antlers.

This part of the country is chuck full of rivers.  Little ones, big ones, and everything in between.  Most of them are nice and clear, probably from the nearby mountains.  I'd just love to jump into one of these, but I can't stand the cold water after being spoiled by the bath warm water in the Florida lakes and ocean.  Before I end this trip, I vow to get into one of those nice clean streams....at least my feet.

When I came up on the Grand Teton's I could hardly keep my eyes on the road.  How majestic they were piercing the  brilliant blue Wyoming Skies.  I would like to have ridden a little closer to them, but they might have lost their "awe" if you were too close.

The sun was starting to set and I was deep into Grand Teton National Park.  No motels in sight, so I decide to camp in the park.  I picked one of the campsites at random, and I think I made a great choice.  I'm sure they were all wonderful.

I got my instructions from the park ranger, and proceeded to my campsite.  Everything was great, and I was insured by the park ranger that nothing would eat me during the night if I didn't leave and food or smelly stuff in the tent.  I then asked where the showers were to make sure that I didn't smell like something that the bear would eat.

I went to bed right after dark...almost 10pm up there...but didn't sleep very well.  I kept hearing something walking around, and I wasn't about to pop my head out of the tent to see what it was.  I guess I didn't smell like bear food because I was still there when I woke up in the morning.




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