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2008 Western Adventure


Day 2 - June 21, 2008

After another late night of working, I slept in to about 7:30 today.  Scott made an awesome breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast, and OJ.  After breakfast Scott took me for a tour of the race track on his mule (motorized mule).  Of course his favorite buddies, Tank and Haley jumped in the back seat.  After that we chatted with a young fellow and dad that where there for some private riding lessons from Dakota, Scott's son.  Both Scott and Dakota had to try out my new bike.  It was after 10am before I hit the road.  After a few adjustment to my GPS I was finally heading in the right direction.

Today's trip started off nice and restful, with lots of good scenery.  Then the GPS routed me on to a dirt road, which was a pleasant departure from the paved road.  I then turned onto a different dirt road that was a little tougher on my new bike.  About now I wished that I was on my V-Strom.  I was just getting used to the roughness of this road when I was diverted to a very narrow road with lots of rocks.  Now I wished that I had my DRZ400 dual sport bike.  I traveled down this road for a couple of miles when I came upon a paved cross road.  I was tempted to take the paved road, but decided to continue on the dirt road.  After a mile or so down that road I came to a gate with a very large "No Trespassing" sign.  I had no choice but to back track to the paved rough.  I recalculated my GPS and went off in a different direction that ended up being about 25 extra miles.  Later on in the afternoon I hit anouther dirt road, but this time it was nice and smooth, even though it had a little sand on it.  Sand and road bikes don't mix, but it wasn't too bad, except for a couple of "pucker" incidents.

The rest of the day was gorgeous, with some really neat scenery.  I was hoping to camp out tonight, but I couldn't find any campgrounds close by.  You would think that Alabama would have lots of campgrounds, but not this part of Alabama.  I even thought of some wilderness camping, but I didn't want to pitch my tent in bear country.  I finally settled for a cheap motel.  After eating at another gourmet restaurant, settled in for a good nights sleep.



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