2008 Western Adventure


Day 16 - July 5, 2008

I was up way too early today after such a tough night.  I got dressed, had a bite to eat at the hotel, and headed down the road in Cortez in search of a little mom and pop motel that I had stayed at in 2006.  Unfortunately, it had been full the evening before, so I had to settle for the very expensive Comfort Inn.  I found the motel and remembered the owner from before.  I made sure that I had a place for this evening that didn't cost me an arm and a leg, and he gave me his best room (they all look the same) and a great deal.

Text Box: Long House
Text Box: Step House from a distance
My plan for today was to visit Mesa Verde National Park, and once I had my reservation set I headed down the road towards the park, which is only 10 miles East from Cortez.  I had made a quick pass through the main part of the park during my 2006 trip, but didn't see much.  I remembered the entry into the park and was intent on seeing some of the primitive cliff dwellings.  I took the Wetherill Mesa road into the park and headed towards Step House, Long House, and Badger House dwellings near the end of the road.  They have a tram that runs between the dwellings, which saves one heck of a lot of hiking.  Once I got on the tram I noticed that I had forgot my camera.  I was going to go back, but I didn't want to lose the time, so I just let my eyes take the photos, and I'll use some online photos  for my ride report.  I was impressed by all of the cliff dwellings, but thought the Long House was the best.  The Badger House community consists of several separate dwellings and is also quit nice.  Even with the tram I did more walking than I was used to, but it was well worth it.  I worried about leaving my bike alone because some of my stuff was not in the locked boxes. 





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