2008 Western Adventure

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Day 10 - June 29, 2008

When I went outside this morning I was blessed with a perfect day.  Them temperature was in the 70's, not a cloud in the skies, and best of all....no wind.  By the time I had breakfast (an English Muffin and apple juice) and packed the bike it was well into the morning.  I had to backtrack about 25 miles to Wibaux, MT to catch highway 7 headed to South.  Wibaux was a quaint little town that was once a major cattle shipping center for the Northern Pacific Railway. Highway 7 between Wibaux and Baker is a long lonely stretch.  I picked up Highway 12 out of Baker and headed southeast back into North Dakota.  Still no major changes in scenery, but I was still enjoying every mile of it.  I did see some antelope, and was able to get some close up photos.  They were certainly aware of my presence, but once I shut off my motorcycle they seemed to calm down and stayed where they were.  This was great to see the antelope, but I'm still waiting to see the first herd of buffalo.

Highway 85 south is another long stretch that runs from the Badlands of North Dakota to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  As I approached the Black Hills area I noticed a distinct change in scenery.  It was getting greener and there were more trees, and of course, there were more hills.  I decided to stay in Sturgis for the evening, and found a great little mom and pop motel called the Star-Lite Motel off of Highway 90,  Exit 32.

After I got settled into my room I decided to ride around for a while.  Away from the main drag, Sturgis is a pretty city nestled in the hills.  Of course, the thing that is most evident about the city, was the number of biker bars.  Sturgis is well known for it's annual motorcycle rally.  Unfortunately, I had unpacked my bike so I didn't have my camera with me.  I'll have to get some pictures tomorrow morning before I leave.  I did manage to stop at a couple of the biker bars, the Full Throttle Saloon and The Knuckle Saloon.  I'm sure they were very quiet compared to the rally week, which is in August.




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