2008 Western Adventure

Day 1 - June 20, 2008

The adventure starts.  My planned route is in excess of 10.000 miles, and will bring me up to Minnesota, then through North and South Dakota, through Nebraska to Colorado, where I値l spend several days in various mountain ranges.  From there I知 going to Utah, where I値l spend a few days with an old high school buddy.  He痴 going to show me some of his favorite spots in Utah.  After I leave him I will go through Wyoming and Yellowstone Park.  Then up to Montana and Glacier National Park.  After that to Idaho, Washington, and Vancouver B.C.  Then I値l head south on the pacific coast highway to Mexico.  I値l take a few detours along the way to Mexico, like Mount St Helen痴, CMolumbia River Gorge, Yosemite, and Solvang.  I値l spend a week in San Diego visited family, then I値l ride along the exican border to the Big Bend area in Texas, then north to the hill country.  After that to the gulf of M騙ico, which I値l follow all the way home.

Today's target was initially Alabama, but I didn't get an early start as I'd planned.  Instead, I only made it to Cairo, GA.  I stopped in to see a friend of mine that owns Fast Track Motocross Ranch, Scott Barrett.  I was going to ask if I could pitch my tent in his camping area, but he insisted on me staying in his house, which was mighty gracious.  He has a large home and it's just him, his son Dakota, and his two best friends Tank and Haley.  I enjoyed spending the evening talking with him and discussing his plans for the race track.  I ran the Orlando race track in the early 90's, so I know what his going through to build up his business.

I was hoping to get to bed early, but I had some work that had to be done.  I also started on this trip report.  My intentions are to post pictures daily, and to make some comments about the days activities.  Needless to say I didn't get to bed very early,

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