May 8, 2006

I didn't sleep very well last night, and was up before daylight.  I broke camp, loaded the camping gear on the bike, and was on my way just as the sun came up.  I wasn't very hungry yet, so I headed down the road.  The weather had improved quite a bit from yesterday, which made the riding a lot more enjoyable.  My goal for today is San Antonio, Texas. 

Just before I crossed into Texas I leave Hwy 90 and jump onto Old Hwy 90, which parallels I-10 on the south side.  Within feet of the "Welcome to Texas" sign was the infamous anti litter sign that says "Don't Mess With Texas".  That slogan really means more than just litter.  You'd better abide by all of the laws in Texas.  I actually crossed into Texas at Orange, a pretty city of about 35,000 located on the Sabine river.  I drove around Orange for a while after I stopped for refreshments and took a few pictures.  

I head southwest out of Orange on Hwy 73 towards Port Arthur, which is on Lake Sabine.  I wanted to by-pass Beaumont, which I've been through many times.  I cross the Neches river, which is fairly wide where it flows into Lake Sabine.  I follow Hwy 73 until I get to the little town of Winnie, where I jump onto  I-10.  Whenever there's a chance to get off I-10 onto Hwy 90, it take it.  I play the on and off game until I get to Houston, where I decide that I-10 was the quickest way through Houston.  For some reason, I like Houston's skyline.

Once clear of Houston I get back on Hwy 90 at Katy, and play the on and off game until I'm almost into San Antonio.  I had planned to stay in San Antonio tonight, but decided to get a little closer to the Texas Hill Country where I will ride tomorrow.  I get through San Antonio and head Northwest on Hwy 16.

I end up staying in Bandera, the "Cowboy Capital of the World".  Bandera is about 50 West of San Antonio.  I find a quaint little cabin at the edge of Bandera Creek.  It was quite nice and very peaceful, although a little pricey.  I had an appetite for Mexican food tonight, so I track down a nice Mexican restaurant, had a Margarita, loaded up on enchiladas and tacos, and ate way too many refried beans.  

I got back to the cabin after dark, checked my maps and GPS for tomorrow ride, and then hit the sack. 




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