May 7, 2006

The weather was still nasty when I got up this morning, and the forecast was not good for Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  I had the complimentary breakfast at the Hampton Inn, and headed out early.  I should have put my rain gear on before I left the hotel, because I hit the first rain storm before I was 5 miles down the road. By the time I got to any cover I was soaked to the bone, so I decided to forge ahead without the rain gear.  It rained on and off all the way through Alabama, Mississippi, and well into Louisiana.  Not a very pleasant ride, but I was riding and that was good.  I finally dug out my camera as I was heading into Baton Rouge, and I took one picture and put it away again so it wouldn't get wet.  On the other side of Baton Rouge the clouds started breaking up and the sun began shinning through.

My destination today is Jellystone Campground in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  I pulled in about 4:30, checked in at the Ranger station, and set up my tent.  It was a nice campground, but the bath facilities were a little far from where I was camped. 

I had planned to visit an old high school buddy in Lake Charles, Bill Hudson.  Bill had just undergone surgery for cancer and I wanted to stop  by and try to cheer him up.  Bill was still hurting from the surgery.  His sister-in-law made a wonderful dinner for us, and we talked for quite a while before I headed back to the campground. 

I rolled myself into the tent and zipped up the flap, and looked forward to sweet dreams.  It didn't happen, and I tossed and turned all night.





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