For some time I have wanted to take a
cross country motorcycle adventure.  I wanted to see places that I had always intended to see one day, but never got around to it.  When I started planning this trip, I found that there were so many places that I wanted to go that I had to start whittling the list down.  Leaving from Clermont, Florida (near Orlando), my ultimate target on the west coast was San Diego, California, where I have family and many old friends. 

For the first leg of my journey I laid out a route that would take me along the gulf coast of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  I would head for Antonio when I hit Texas, and then lay out an extended ride through the Texas Hill Country.  From there I would head South to Lake Amistad, and then over to Big Bend National Park, and follow the Rio Grande along the Texas-Mexican border to El Paso.  I would plot a course through Southern New Mexico, and then head west through the mountains to Phoenix.  From Phoenix I would make a short run North to Prescott Valley, where I would rest for a couple of days with an old high school buddy, and have some work done on my bike.  From there I would head North to Flagstaff, and then on to the Grand Canyon.  My next target was Utah, which I would also hit on my return trip.  From Utah, I would head through Nevada to Central California where I planned to go through Yosemite and then down the Pacific Coast Highway to San Diego.  This part of my trip would be over 4,000 miles.

The second half of my trip will head North on Highway 395 through the Mojave Desert to Lone Pine, where I plan to get as close to Mt. Whitney as my bike will take me.  From there I will head to Death Valley, where I hope to see the many sides of this desolate, but beautiful place.  From DV I will head towards Las Vegas, but do not plan to go through the city.  I will ride along the west side of Lake Mead and set my sights on Utah.  I will spend some time in Utah, and plan to visit Zion ,Bryce, Capital Reef, Escalante, CanyonLand, and Arches National Parks.  From Utah I will head to the Southwestern corner of Colorado to see Canyon of the Ancients and Mesa Verde, and then drop down to New Mexico.  My route through NM is primarily back roads to Santa Fe, and then Southeast into Texas where I will by-pass Ft Worth/Dallas to the North, and then head towards Shreveport, Louisiana.  From LA I will slowly work my way Southeast through Mississippi and Alabama, and then into Florida.

As you will find out in my daily journal, there were a few detours along the way.  Some were unavoidable, while others were by choice.

I hope you enjoy riding along with me.

The Journey Begins.....

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