Canadian Adventure

Day 2 - June 22
343 Miles

Today I awoke early and was excited about spending some quality time in Savannah.  I've been through Savannah many times, but never took the time to really see this beautiful old waterfront city.  I wasn't disappointed.  The community has done well in maintaining the old historic buildings in the main part of the city.  The little parks with their grand old trees and historic monuments are much appreciated by residents and visitors alike, which was evident by the number of people using these parks to socialize, eat their lunch, or just enjoy tranquility of an otherwise busy city.  Wouldn't it be great to work in a place where you could spend your lunch hour in one of these beautiful parks. 

I was really impressed with how friendly the locals were.  Almost every place that I stopped to take pictures, people would approach me and ask where I from or where I was going, or they would just say hello.  I stopped at one of the little parks that had some mounted police.  I figured that I could get an interesting picture of Savannah's finest.  A soon as I stopped, one of the police officers that wasn't on a horse started walking towards me.  I knew she was going to ask me not to stop where I did, but she just thought that I may need some directions.  We talked for a few minutes, and I left feeling very good about the Savannah Police Department.  You'll notice that I took a picture of the Police Barracks in Savannah.  The build has been there since 1869 (I was just a little guy back then). 

A rode the full length of the main road through the historical section, then I explored a few of the back alley's and more of the waterfront roads.  I could have spent much more time in Savannah, and kicked myself later for not doing so.

Leaving downtown Savannah was also a gorgeous sight.  Crossing over the Savannah River on the Talmage Bridge is a real thrill on a motorcycle.  My buddy Charlie would have been looking for the nearest ferry before getting on this bridge.  As I continued my ride across the bridge and into South Carolina I kept thinking about the beautiful town that I had just left.  The visions of Savannah stayed with me for quite some time.

My plans for tomorrow included a visit with Peter Krenn in Rock Hill, SC.  Pete was one of the six people that I rode with to the Copper Canyon in Mexico in 2005.  With is in mind, I wanted to get as close to Rock Hill as possible today before searching for a motel.  The South Carolina countryside is beautiful, and the time passed quickly.

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