Canadian Adventure

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Day 1 - June 21
337 Miles

I refer to this trip as the Canadian Adventure, but Canada is only the destination.   The adventure actually starts on day one in Florida.  I'm hoping to see and experience new and exciting things every mile of the ride. 

All of the planning for this trip seemed to be falling in place smoothly until the afternoon on the day before I was to leave.  I was right on track in the morning, and had received my rented satellite phone.  That was the last of the major items on my to-do list.  Then the mail was delivered, and I had a funny feeling about a letter from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.  I opened the letter, and guess what?  My drivers license had been suspended for failure to pay a toll on ticket a few months back.  Actually, we had received 3 citations due to a dead battery in Sky's transponder.  Sky had received a new license plate and we failed to notify the toll folks, so they didn't know that a transponder had been issued to that car..  I appealed the citations and apparently two were withdrawn, but one was not.  We didn't receive any notification prior to my license be suspended.  Long story short, I paid the fine online Wednesday night, went to the courthouse first thing this morning to verify that I had paid the ticket, and then I had to go to DMV to get the license cleared.  A $100 fine and a couple hours delay in my departure time messed up my schedule for today's ride. 

Since my daughter, Shari lives in St. Augustine I'd planned to stop by and see her since she only lives a couple of miles from my intended route along A1A.  Because of all the time I had spent taking care of the drivers license issue, I decided to do an adventure "no-no" and take the interstate up to St. Augustine.  Of course, battling the dirty wind from the 18-wheelers doing 85 miles an hour is an adventure, just not a good adventure.  I did arrive in St. Augustine about noon and had nice little visit with her before continuing.  I even got to meet their new business partners, Mark & Wendy.  They  own First Coast Honda (this is a plug), and Mark even tried to sell me a Honda ST1300, which is a nice road bike, but a little to wishy washy in the dirt and especially in the sand.

Around two o'clock I was back on my way.  Following the instructions that my daughter gave me as a short cut to the beach-side road.  I of course got lost and decided to take highway 1, which was still a nice road and a more direct rout to the Florida/Georgia border. I still encountered same of the Jacksonville traffic, but once clear from the city I was back to enjoying the ride.  I'm now on Highway 17 in Georgia and the terrain is starting to change a little.  I occasionally take a break now and then to catch a photo of some of the interesting features that Georgia has to offer.  Among these are some of the beautiful wild flowers, an old bridge, some nice rivers and creeks, and several old churches.  Of special note was a large span bridge just before Jekyll Island.

My day ended just short of Savannah, which is tomorrows destination. 

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